Benefits of Organic Coconut Oil for Skin

Coconut oil has been a well known beauty secret for years in tropical parts of the globe. In recent years benefits of organic coconut oil for skin have become known to the rest of the world. Keeping a jar of organic coconut oil can serve many more purposes than just cooking.

Coconut oil is great for lips. Applying organic coconut oil to your lips is a great way to make them soft and kissable. Being color free, it’s perfect for anyone to use including small children.

Applying organic coconut oil to the skin will not only provide moisture but is also a pain reliever. Apply to swollen parts of the body to reduce swelling and pain naturally. It will also supply extra moisture to very dry skin. It will also help with skin conditions like eczema without use of steroids. Be advised, coconut oil will draw toxins out of the skin, so the condition might appear worse before it gets better.

Apply organic coconut oil to the bottom of your feet overnight and cover with socks for an all natural detox. Coconut oil naturally pulls the toxins from your body. Applying coconut oil to the bottom of your feet once a week will make your entire body feel better by removing all the terrible things from your system.

Apply organic coconut oil to the scalp to help relieve psoriasis and dandruff. Apply directly to the scalp and leave on overnight. Your skin condition will be much better and your hair will be beautifully conditioned.

Using organic coconut oil on the skin is very beneficial. It’s all natural and has many uses.